On Climate Change

  • Oleg Khalidullin
Keywords: Waste excretions


The Earth's climate and water cycle have been improving for millions of years. Not by itself, but in combination with water, the water cycle and biota. Of: https://geographyofrussia.com/iz-4-mlrd-let-geologicheskoj-istorii-zemli-susha-byla-bezzhiznennoj-34-mlrd-let/  it is known what “… the work is done by plants whose leaves intensively evaporate moisture through the stomata coming along the roots from the soil. This type of evaporation is called transpiration. The leaf surface of plants is enormous. The area of ​​all leaves is 3-4 times larger than the area of ​​the entire land, that is, in size it is not less than the area of ​​the World Ocean. In this way, the biota (the totality of all organisms) on land provided more intense evaporation than the ocean and affects more on the continental cycle than the ocean. The water cycle consists of three components - the quality of the vapor, the volume of the vapor and the frequency of the cycle.


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