Management and Evaluation of the Geological and Environmental Effects in Maragheh Landfill (North West of Iran)

  • Parisa Nami
  • Günay Kaya
  • Shahriyar Karimdoust
  • Ekrem Kalkan
Keywords: Anthropogenic contamination, Maragheh landfill, Leachate, Environmental factors, Environmental impact assessment


Urban development and increasing population have led to the production of various wastes. The geological and environmental effects of landfill are significant, pose a serious threat to human, animal, and plant health. Lack of proper management to dispose of and dispose of very hazardous wastes will result in irreversible environmental and geomedical consequences. The present article evaluates the environmental effects of the landfill in Maragheh City located in northwestern Iran by conducting field and library studies. About 150 tons of garbage is transferred daily to this landfill, which is located two kilometers from the city, which is not acceptable in terms of international standards and criteria, and more importantly, this landfill is located near the tourist area of Chakan. Improper disposal of waste, neglect to isolate the landfill and leachate leakage, have led to irreparable environmental pollution in the area. On the other hand, the emission of gas due to waste corruption has led to the spread of pollutants and pathogens in the region. Therefore, the main cause of environmental problems in the region is the lack of hygienic landfilling and lack of control over the production and distribution of leachate, which must be planned to prevent it.


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