Investigating Pressure Dynamics in Two Different Pathways of Pore Throats: A Computational Analysis

  • Batbold Ganbaatar Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Keywords: Pore throats, Pressure dynamics, Computational modeling, MATLAB simulations, Fluid flow behavior


Understanding pressure dynamics in pore throats is crucial for various applications in fields such as petroleum engineering, groundwater hydrology, and materials science. In this study, we investigate the pressure changes along two distinct pathways of pore throats using computational methods implemented in MATLAB. The objective is to compare and analyze the pressure behavior in these pathways to elucidate their differences and implications. We present a comprehensive analysis of pressure data obtained from the computational simulations, highlighting the variations in pressure dynamics between the two pathways. Our findings reveal unique trends and phenomena, shedding light on the underlying mechanisms governing fluid flow through pore networks. The results contribute to a deeper understanding of pore-scale fluid dynamics and have implications for optimizing various processes reliant on pore throat characteristics. This research underscores the importance of computational modeling in elucidating complex fluid behavior in porous media and provides valuable insights for future studies and practical applications.


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