Physico-Chemical Analysis of Surface and Ground Water Samples in Warri Area, Southern Nigeria

  • Ovie Odokuma-Alonge Department of Geology, Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria
  • Eworitse Mene-Ejegi Department of geology, University of Benin
Keywords: Surface water Groundwater Physicochemical analysis Potability


Surface and ground water quality in Warri, Southern Nigeria were investigated in order to determine the potability of the water in the study area. A total of nine (9) water samples were obtained (six (6) river samples and three (3) borehole samples) and analyzed for their physico-chemical properties and heavy metal concentrations using standard techniques. The results of the analysis reveals the following: pH (5.80-7.40), Temperature (28.7-30.3), Total Dissolved Solid (13.00-14,400.00), Electrical Conductivity (27.00-28,800.00) Turbidity (2.87-31.46), Dissolved Oxygen (3.30-7.40), Total Solids (23.00-14,430.00), Total Hardness (8.00-2700.00), Total Alkalinity (19.00-68.00), Total Suspended solids (4.00-30.00), Biological Oxygen Demand (1.20-2.90), Chemical Oxygen Demand (2.56-6.64), Salinity (8.06-12,390.16), SO42- (0.451-757.809), NO3- (<0.001-21.237), PO43- ((<0.001-1.616), CO3 (NP), Ca2+ (0.841-168.21), Mg2+ (0.411-554.27), Na2+ (1.426-1136.65), K+ (0.043-96.453), Fe2+ ((<0.001-0.047), Cr3+ ((<0.001-0.023), Cd2+ ((<0.001-0.004), Zn2+ ((<0.001-0.218), Cu2+ ((<0.001), and Pb2+ ((<0.001). The physico-chemical analysis reveals that the values obtained for all parameters do not fall under WHO (2018) standard for drinking water, with the exception of Biological Oxygen Demand, NO3- and PO43-. The bulk of the metrics had high concentrations, indicating that surface anthropogenic activities are likely the source of the water contamination. As a result, the water is not potable, hence unfit for human consumption. Therefore, before usage, the water must be adequately treated.


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