On the Inter-Dependence of Humans and Earth (The Magnetic Field of Our Earth and Our Body)

  • Maria Kuman Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, TN, USA
Keywords: Magnetic fields of living bodies, Earth’s magnetic field, Integrated Earth & human NEMFs, Questioning colony on Mars, Suggested magnetic field on space stations


Our science found that not only does the magnetic field of the Earth influence us (normal embryo development was found to be impossible without earth’s magnetic field), we influence the magnetic field of the earth. It was found that our positive emotions increase Earth’s magnetic field, while our negative emotions deplete Earth‘s magnetic field. And we are emotional because we are material bodies and auras, which I found to be emotionally sensitive - brighter at positive emotions and dimmer at negative emotions (“aura” means “light” in Hebrew). Since we claim to be in high Spirit when experiencing positive emotions and we claim to be in low spirit when experiencing negative emotions, I concluded that the aura must be our emotional Spirit. Then I found that the ancient Jewish Cabala was teaching to high priest that our auras are our Spirits. After lifelong studies of the aura (Spirit), I found that it is weak nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF). Measurements showed that: positive emotions make the aura (Spirit) NEMF spin clockwise, suck energy, and add it to Earth’s NEMF, while negative emotions drain Earth’s NEMF. This makes our aura (Spirit) NEMF integrated with Earth’s NEMF. Considering the importance of Earth’s magnetic field, I question: 1/ should we try to create a colony on Mars, if Mars does not have magnetic field; 2/ shouldn’t we try to create magnetic field on our space station.


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