Our Dependance on The Earth We Live On

  • Maria Kuman
Keywords: Earth, Earth Our dependence on Earth, Our breathing cycle and Earth, Cosmic travels, Earth dependence


The article reveals that the Sun, the Earth, and the Man have the same torus shape nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF), and if so they should communicate or influence each other. Our science claims that all biorhythms in the body are ruled by light and if so Sun’s light should rule them. However, our breathing has maximum at 3 pm and minimum at 3 am, and there is no Sun light at 3 am to activate the breathing after the minimum. So, I decided to look for another activating factor. I found that Earth’s maximum temperature with maximum extension of its ionosphere and atmosphere is at 3 pm (like breathing in) and min at 3 am (like breathing out). So, our breathing is synchronized with Earth’s breathing. This raises the question: In long-lasting cosmic travels how long Man can live healthy without having his feet on the Earth? Maybe we should try to imitate the periodic changes of Earth’s magnetic field on the space ships and space stations.



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