Black Holes in Action and Their Impact on the Earth We Live On

  • Maria Kuman
Keywords: Black Holes, Black Holes’ functioning, Temperature gradient in Black Holes, Cleft Earth, Earth swallowed by Black Hole, Two types of Black Holes


The article explains how the Black Holes operate. The Earth satellites show that our Earth is cleft   and our science cannot explain why. The scenario of what happened to the Earth is described in the Hindu Vedas. According to the Vedas, the Earth was swallowed by the Black Hole of the old Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy, when it was drifting through our Solar system on its way to the center of our galaxy. Once sucked in, the Earth was span around, a big chunk of its crust was melted, but the Earth survived the encounter by going to the center of the Black Hole where the temperature is the lowest, and it was spit out. The Black Holes are holes scooped with rotational movement in the Space Matrix nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF). Two types of Black Holes must have been created.


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