A Comprehensive Review of Approaches for Characterizing Natural Fractures in the Ahnet Basin, Algeria

  • Fares Chanane Independent Researcher, Algeria
Keywords: Ahen Basint, Fracture Characterization, Geology, Algeria, Percolation theory


This comprehensive review delves into fracture characterization in the Ahnet Basin, emphasizing the influence of lithology on natural fracture patterns and their implications for fluid flow dynamics in fractured reservoirs. By amalgamating cutting-edge research and advanced methodologies, the study explores geological structures, fracture properties, and the role of percolation theory in understanding fracture connectivity and permeability. The research highlights the significance of machine learning algorithms in fracture aperture estimation and the consideration of fracture roughness in fluid flow analysis. By investigating the interplay between lithology and fractures, the study contributes to a deeper understanding of fluid flow dynamics in fractured reservoirs, offering valuable insights for optimizing resource utilization and enhancing production performance in hydrocarbon and geothermal reservoirs.


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