Explaining the Death of Mammoths in Siberia and Dinosaurs in Alaska

  • Maria Kuman Holistic Research Institute, Knoxville, TN 37923, USA
Keywords: Mammoths in Siberia, Dinosaurs in Alaska, Climate change during Leo Age, Extinctions during Leo Age, Cycle of precession length


The article explains the death of mammoths in Siberia and dinosaurs in Alaska with dramatic changes in climate, which happen once during one cycle of precession always during the Leo Age. Ancient text says that during the Leo Age the three big stars from the belt of Orion are aligned with the heavy star Sirius. The strong gravitational pull from this alignment fixes the spinning axe of the Earth at 600 and does not allow it to flip all the way to 1800. This brings dramatic changes in climate on Earth with a lot of extinct species. It is followed by a Big Ice Age, which brings more extinctions. The ancient text says that during one cycle of precession there are 9 mini Ice Ages and one Big Ice Age. The authenticity of the ancient data was checked by comparing the latest value for the cycle of precession 25,720 years with 10 times the periodicity of Ice Ages determined by studies of the glaciers 10 x 2,562.5 = 25,625 years and the difference was 0.4%.


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