Mistreating Earth Endangers Our Life and Wellbeing

  • Maria Kuman
Keywords: pollution with toxic chemicals; pollution with nuclear waste; electromagnetic pollution; threatened life on Earth; electromagnetic pollution must end; Pandemics and electromagnetic pollution.


This article is a serious warning that the life on Earth is in danger. After we have depleted the mineral deposits of mother Earth, which took away her ability to rebalance, we have polluted her in all possible ways: with chemicals, with nuclear waste, with antennas emitting electromagnetic fields with all kind of frequencies – radio (for our radiostations), microwaves (for our digital TV, cellular phones, and internet), etc. Our Mother Earth has been tolerable to our mischiefs for so long, but her tolerance is running out short. Not accepting any more, the harm she suffered, she will stop tolerating our destructive behavior and try to get rid of us – with a global flood (like Noah’s Flood), global earthquakes, or a very deadly pandemic. Or following the road of self-destruction, we will self-destroy ourselves by dying from: 1/ the toxic chemicals, or 2/ the nuclear waste with which we polluted the Earth, or 3/ becoming victims of the electromagnetic pollution, which we created. We can survive only if we embrace the fact that we are not only material body. What we see as aura, is our emotional Spirit - it is weak informational nonlinear electromagnetic field (NEMF), which rules and regulates everything in our body, including our immune systems. Since the 5G fast internet has the same frequencies as our aura (Sprit), it can disable our immune system and lead to globally spread Pandemics capable to end the life on Earth.


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