Morphological Studies and Petrogenetic Relationship of Metatexite Cum Diatexite Migmatites Around Buzaye Area, Bauchi, Nigeria

  • Sadiq Mohammed Salisu Department of Applied Geology, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Nigeria
  • Ahmed Isah Haruna
  • Maimunatu Halilu
  • Faisal Abdullahi Abubakar Tafawa Balewa university bauchi
  • Tahir Garba Ahmad
Keywords: Migmatites, Buzaye, Diatexite, Schlieren, Stromatic, Pan-African Orogeny


The geology and petrogenetic studies of migmatites around Buzaye area were conducted to evaluate their morphological units and geochemical affinity. Field mapping revealed migmatite with stromatic structures represented the metatexite while parts of the migmatite with schollen and schlieren structures with granitic component represent the diatexite. Fourteen rock samples from different outcrops were cut and examined for geochemical analyses for their major and trace element using XRF pressed pellet technique. Geochemically, diatexite migmatites samples show SiO2 content from 68.40wt.% to 82.06 wt.% while samples collected from the metatexites has shown silica content as low as 56.42 wt.%. Variation diagrams show   negative correlation between MgO, CaO, TiO2, FeO2 and Al2O3 with SiO2 but positive correlation with Na2O and K2O indicating the normal magma crystallization trends. Based on the major and trace element data, the migmatites in the study area were classified into peraluminous, theolitic and S–type granitoids. On primitive mantle-normalized spider diagrams, all samples show marked negative anomalies in Yb, P and Ti which are similar to that commonly observed in High-K magmas generated along sub-duction zone. Tectonically, the plutons are classified as volcanic arc or subduction related and are late orogenic to post orogenic with respect to the Pan-African Orogeny.


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