Evaluation of Gold Mineralization Potential Using Electrical Resistivity Method Along River Chanchaga, Minna, North Central Nigeria

  • Alabi Olawale Oluwakayode
  • Benjamin Odey Omang
  • Bawallah Musa Adesola
  • lugbo Stephen Olubusola
Keywords: Gold, Dipole-Dipole, Lateral Horizontal Profiling, Vertical Electrical Sounding, Total Longitudinal Conductance


Geophysical evaluation of gold mineralization potential within Minna has been carried out using three principal techniques namely; dipole-dipole, lateral horizontal profiling of a = 5, 10, 15 and 20 m as well as Vertical Electrical Sounding. This approach displays structural evaluation of lateral extent of the gold mineralization layer setting as well as layer stratification. Total longitudinal conductance was used as one of the major factors due to lack of chargeability equipment to determine the nature and mode of occurrence of the gold deposits. The gold deposits was found within highly weathered schist material which has been completely weathered into clay, and its presence within clayey horizon been responsible for high total longitudinal conductance within the region of its occurrence in contrast with areas of very little or non-gold mineralization The study further reveals that the Minna gold deposit are of shallow horizon in nature which exist between 0.8 m to less than 5 m in most cases. Due to shallow depth of penetration, they are easily eroded along the surrounding stream and river; hence, the investigated area could be categorized as alluvia deposits.


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